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Traditional - Medium

Our Country Gate range is fabricated in-house out of aluminium. They can be double swing, single swing or sliding to suit your needs. If you are in our local area we can organise installation, otherwise we can supply all the hinges and brackets for a DIY install.


In our Traditional Medium range, the material size of the internal rails and straps range from 60-80mm, with the external frame being 100mm. They can be custom designed to suit your property, and powder coated in a standard ColorBond colour.


We choose aluminium because it provides a strong, sturdy and stylish look, without the ongoing maintenance and weight of the usual timber gates. Aluminium also isn’t affected by warping, twisting and sagging in changing weather conditions like timber.

To get that true feel and look of a country gate, we use material selection with sizing and spacing to get the look you want to achieve.

Traditional Medium Gate

You can choose from a selection of standard designs and dimensions or, if you want to personalise the design you can add extra rails, different height uprights and even lasercut or decal names and designs.

We can also offer a CAD drawing to your specific dimensions to help you visualize and proceed with confidence.

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